How to Brew the prefect cup

Daily Ritual Tea Facts.

How to Brew the prefect cup
When possible, use filtered water
Heat the teapot and teacup
For a two-cup teapot, use five grams of tea (approximately two teaspoons). This is highly personal but the rule of thumb is 2.5 grams per cup
Water just off the boil or from an espresso machine is too hot for tea – the leaf is scalded and becomes unpleasantly astringent
For black tea use water cooled 1 minute off the boil and infuse for 4-6 minutes
For green and oolong tea use water cooled 1-2 minutes off the boil and for white tea use water cooled 2-3 minutes off the boil. Infuse for 1-3 minutes
For herbals and all black-based flavoured teas, use water cooled one minute off the boil and infuse for 3-5 minutes
All tea can be naturally decaffeinated by infusing for one minute, discarding the first infusion and using the leaves a second time for your brew
Ensure bag/container is resealed and stored away from light, heat and humidity.