How to make Ice Tea

Daily Ritual Tea Facts.

How to make Ice Tea
Any tea can be made iced, but fruit infusions and flavoured teas are exceptional as they make a great natural and refreshing drink ideal in the warmer months and a great thirst quencher.
• Generally you will need approx 1 tablespoon of tea or Infusion per litre of water.
This will depend on the leaf size.
• Use cold water on tea leaves as hot water will increase bitterness.
• Leave in fridge for at least 4-8 hrs, but for best results leave overnight.
• Serve over Ice, add lemon or citrus slices, fruit or mint leaves.
• Add a little honey or sugar syrup as this brings out the fruity flavour.
• Sugar Syrup – combine equal parts sugar and boiling water., stir until dissolved.

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